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EduArt – Education meets Arts in Partnerships for Creativity

The Corona pandemic has changed our social life and the way we teach and learn. As a consequence, we are in need of a new approach to adult education.

EduArt teams up professionals from the education sector and the cultural industry. They jointly develop experimental learning opportunities for adults to help them improve their social and methodological skills in coping with a crisis. They are guided by the „mask“ as their leitmotif. This BGZ project offers compelling ways to shape innovative adult education in Europe.

Implementation in: Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland
Duration: 2021-2023
Partners in Berlin:
Transnational partners:
in Austria: Südwind, Figurentheater Lilarum
in Italy: Eurocultura, ENGIM VENETO
in Poland: ATJ Lingwista, Fundacja Pasje
Co-funded by: Erasmus+

„Connecting art and education with the actual living environment generates a plethora of constructive and innovative ideas. I wish all those involved in the EduArt project in Berlin, Vicenza, Warsaw and Vienna every success and am looking forward to the VolXBühne Pankow!”

Foto Soeren BennSören Benn, Mayor and Head of Department of Culture of Pankow, Berlin