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In order to ensure the quality, sustainability and future viability of the results, we closely interconnect output development and stakeholder engagement.

EduArt produces:

a set of exemplary learning opportunities for adults in their social environments on the topic of masks and masking

The learning opportunities are directly linked to the target groups’ social realities. They address the Corona pandemic, its effects and its best-known symbol: the mask. The mask is both an art object and a didactic tool and will be used for various creative interpretations. The learning opportunities cover approx. 20-30 hours and offer distinct course modules that can be combined as needed.

an interactive guide for professionals in adult education and creative-cultural industries on how to collaborate in the context of creative partnerships

The guide is a digital tool with interactive elements, that describes the intentions and opportunities of such a partnership. It presents good practices, gives advice on finding partners, recommends structure and working methods and provides didactic and methodological resources.

a model for recruiting and engaging with "neighbourhood agents" with suggestions on how to involvement

This strategy concept focusses on working with “innovators”. The target groups are adult educators working in the neighbourhoods, municipal institutions, but also actors in the cultural and creative sector, social initiatives and social workers, civil society initiatives – and everybody that is interested in becoming an innovator in their neighbourhood.

a training course for neighbourhood agents for "Innovative Creativity in the Neighbourhood"

The course aims at people who are already active in their local environment or who want to become active. It includes the acquisition of competencies like communication techniques and skills that help dealing with one’s own environment in a creative way, perceive the interests of others and develop with them a common understanding.

recommendations for decision makers

These documented lessons learnt contain important input for the future of adult education on an organisational, didactic and political (regulative) level. They are based on the research and findings from working with different stakeholders.