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What kind of world do we want to live in? – This question takes on a new urgency since the Corona crisis. Changed social environments and communication have left many isolated, insecure or frustrated. Unsurprisingly, this also demands a new and appealing kind of adult education.

EduArt wants to enhance the communicative and social competences of people in their neighbourhood and thus strengthen social cohesion. At the same time, it promotes educational skills necessary for working with heterogeneous target groups and the use of digital media.

Creativity and art are the chosen means to encourage the locals to come and learn together. In four EU countries, our partners form tandems of educators and creative artists. Together with local residents, they develop pilot courses using artistic forms of expression such as acting, puppet theatre and painting.

To this end, EduArt refers to the most visible symbol of the Corona pandemic: the mask. The themes of mask and masquerade are the golden thread running through all learning activities. The key outcome of EduArt will be an EU-wide adaptable model for adult education using cultural and artistic means as well as taking account of the social environment and resource availability.

EduArt demonstrates how non-formal education can contribute to coping with societal challenges and how it can enhance quality, innovation and future-orientation of adult education throughout the EU.