Experienced organisations from the adult education sector and creative industry from Germany, Austria, Italy and Poland jointly implement EduArt – under the leadership of the BGZ.

Cultural centres, universities and education policy actors provide feedback on the results and support the partners in dissemination activities.


BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit mbH
(BGZ Berlin International Cooperation Agency GmbH)
Pohlstraße 67
10785 Berlin

Contact person: Grazyna Wittgen
Tel.: +49 30 80 99 41 14

Partners in Berlin:

Logo GFBM Akademie

GFBM-Akademie gGmbH
Industrie PankowPark
Hertzstraße 67, Gebäude C4
DE 13158 Berlin

Contact person: Stefan Knauer
Tel.: +49 30 856228 03

KMH Logo 2022

KulturMarktHalle e.V.
Hanns-Eisler-Str. 93
DE 10409 Berlin

Contact person: Ludger Lemper

Partners in Austria:

Logo Südwind

Südwind – Verein für Entwicklungspolitik und globale Gerechtigkeit
Laudongasse 40
AT 1080 Vienna

Contact person: Téclaire Ngo-Tam
Tel.: +431405 55 15 311

Logo Lilarum

Figurentheater Lilarum
Göllnergasse 8
AT 1030 Vienna

Contact person: Andreas Moritz
Tel.: +43 1 710 26 66 – 11

Partners in Italy:

Logo Eurocultura

Via Mercato Nuovo n. 44/G
IT 36100 Vicenza

Contact person: Luciana Levi Bettin

Engim Veneto
Head office
Contra’ Vittorio Veneto, 1
IT 36100 Vicenza

Engim Veneto professioni del restauro
Via Treviso, 29
IT 36010 Cavazzale di Monticello Conte Otto (Vicenza)

Contact person: Benedetta Lanza
Tel.: +39 3477996562

Partners in Poland:

Logo Lingwista

ATJ Lingwista
Ul. Pruszkowska 6A
PL 02-110 Warsaw

Contact person: Monika Valleton
Tel.: +48 22 696 078 099

Logo F Pasje

Fundacja „Pasje”
Obozowa 62
PL 01-426 Warsaw

Contact person: Wieslawa Bartoszuk